USPS Intelligent Barcode

This program implements the US Postal Service Intelligent Barcode. To use the barcode you must copy the Font files to your system Font folder and include the two .dll files with your application.

To go to the USPS website page for the Barcode API click here.

The non-PowerBuilder files included in this sample:

uspsEncoderMsWindows-1.2.0.pdf Documentation of the API
usps4cb.dll Barcode API DLL (32-bit)
usps4pb.dll Wrapper DLL (32-bit)
USPSIMBCompact.ttf Compact Font
USPSIMBStandard.ttf Standard Font
64bit\usps4cb.dll Barcode API DLL (64-bit)
64bit\usps4pb.dll Wrapper DLL (64-bit)

——— Last updated 02/14/2019 ———